The Premium Appliances Marketing Program is a way for you to earn money on visitors that are referred from your website or marketing campaigns. We have a wide assortment of promotional content for you to use such as banners and text links. A unique referral link will be assigned to you. These links will automatically track the visitors that click through to Premium Appliances. When a visitor makes a purchase through your referral link you earn commission from that sale.


Does it cost anything to join
There is no costs or fees involved with joining the Premium Appliances Marketing Program and you are able to cancel at any time without being subject to penalty or charges. Membership is however subject to approval by Premium Appliances. If not approved, you will be informed through email regarding the reason(s).

The Premium Appliances Affiliate Program accepts many websites to join our program. We cannot accept traffic from warez sites, spam sites, phishing sites, email spam or anything that would be considered illegal in the United States. Once we approve your account, you can start adding banners, text links, or marketing our website. Your website does not need to be related to appliances in order to join the program. Premium Appliances does not ship outside of the United States. Affiliates with a large amount of international users may have trouble converting sales.

You will earn commission every time a visitor that is referred from your website makes a purchase. There is no cap on sales, we encourage you to drive as many sales as possible and will even increase your commission rate (If Tier 2 Qualifications are met). Please note that you will not be credited for returned merchandise or cancelled orders.

Commission Tier 1 – 10%
All affiliates start off earning this commission rate when they sign up.

Commission Tier 2 – 15%
To reach tier 2, affiliate must earn at least $1000 commission ($10,000 in sales) within 3 months. 3 month cycle starts on the day they are approved. Commission going towards tier ranking does not roll past the end of each 3 month cycle.

Commission is paid once a month, minimum commission for payout: $100 ($1000 in sales) There will be a 30 day hold on all payments to account for cancellations, chargebacks or refunds. Payment is issued the 1st of every month. For Example: If you meet the minimum payment on January 15th you will be paid March 1st. Commissions will be carried over until the minimum amount is reached. You do not earn commission for pending customer returns or cancelled orders.

Payment Options
We pay most affiliates through Paypal. Please make sure that your email address to receive payments is correct. For larger payouts we will issue a check to you. During your First Payout you will be asked to fill out a form which asks for your Full Name, Mailing Address as well as your Tax information.

Affiliate Contact Number
1-888-298-8144 – questions or affiliate support issues.

Premium Appliances Growth Since 2007 Premium Appliances has been delivering brand name products to consumers at some of the most affordable prices found anywhere. Our sales have continued to grow as we add new appliances and brands in a variety of areas.

Mailing Address:
542 Monterey Pass Rd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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This was the best investment in time I’ve ever made. I have gotten at least 30% more conversions from Premium Appliances.
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