Cosmo Appliances COS-965AG Gas Range Review


Take your kitchen to the next level with the Cosmo COS-965AG gas range. This gas range boasts an impressive Italian-made five burner set starring an 18,000 BTU central tri-ring burner capable of rapidly boiling or gently reducing a sauce. Providing uniform heat distribution for evenly cooked food, the power and versatility of the central tri-ring burner will quickly become an invaluable asset in your kitchen. Stainless steel finish and cast-iron grates make sure that clean-up will always be quick job.

If you’re impressed with the stove-top, you’ll love the oven. Equipped with 3.8 cu. ft of cooking space, cooking multiple dishes at once is a piece of cake and maybe a cobbler too!  Feeling fancy? Get the rotating roasting rod and cook up some rotisserie chicken. The oven even has double interior lights so you can monitor your rotisserie chicken without opening the oven and releasing all the heat. The kids are going to love the 15000 BTU broiler, its prefect for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. Add to that a bottom storage cabinet and stylish metal knobs that won’t chip or crack. This Cosmo gas range has all you ever wanted and more!




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