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Brand new in the COSMO inventory, the organic curvature of the COS-KF776 Pull-Down Faucet is the perfect blending of functionality and sheer beauty. Utilizing ceramic valves in place of the outdated rubber ones, this faucet delivers unprecedented control. No need for heavy handedness when handling this faucet, turning on and off is as easy as a light […]

One of the latest additions to the Cosmo Appliance arsenal, the COS-KF501 Pull Down Faucet is an immediate eye-catcher and an instant conversation starter. Its gorgeous swooping high-arched design is truly a sight to behold. This faucet features 360 degree swivel ability for versatile cleaning and rinsing options, which in coordination with the easy to use […]

The Cosmo VA-S950M is a marvel of design and functionality. Manufactured from stainless steel and designed to lay flat completely on any counter top. This Cosmo cooktop is a gorgeous enhancement to any kitchen. The stainless steel finish of the cooktop pairs nicely with an array of counter top styles. The durable metal knobs gives type of precise […]

Take your kitchen to the next level with the Cosmo COS-965AG gas range. This gas range boasts an impressive Italian-made five burner set starring an 18,000 BTU central tri-ring burner capable of rapidly boiling or gently reducing a sauce. Providing uniform heat distribution for evenly cooked food, the power and versatility of the central tri-ring burner […]

How to clean you your range hood filter Your range hood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. Range hoods maintain an atmosphere of clean breathable air inside your home. When you cook, all sorts of substances  become airborne such as: Combustion byproducts Smoke Grease Fumes Steam You don’t want anybody inhaling airborne […]