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Cosmo Appliances COS-KF776C Pull-Down Faucet Review

Brand new in the COSMO inventory, the organic curvature of the COS-KF776 Pull-Down Faucet is the perfect blending of functionality and sheer beauty. Utilizing ceramic valves in place of the outdated rubber ones, this faucet delivers unprecedented control. No need for heavy handedness when handling this faucet, turning on and off is as easy as a light touch. No drips. No leaks. No worries. The ergonomic pull-down feature puts the water right where it belongs…In the sink! Combined with the convenient button-controlled spray mode for heavy duty cleaning, your dishes don’t stand a chance with the COSMO COS-KF776! Available in Brushed Nickel and Stainless Steel Chrome.


Cosmo Appliances COS-KF501 Pull-Down Faucet Review

One of the latest additions to the Cosmo Appliance arsenal, the COS-KF501 Pull Down Faucet is an immediate eye-catcher and an instant conversation starter. Its gorgeous swooping high-arched design is truly a sight to behold. This faucet features 360 degree swivel ability for versatile cleaning and rinsing options, which in coordination with the easy to use button-toggle spray mode makes it a dish cleaning powerhouse. Its pull down feature is ergonomically engineered to be softer on your elbows and wrist than the typical pull-out faucets. The Pull-down feature also makes this faucet more hydro efficient by ensuring water stays in the sink and off of your floor. Available in either brushed nickel (COS-KF501SS) or stainless steel chrome (COS-KF501C) this faucet is the perfect start to making your old kitchen new again.

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COSMO Appliances VA-S950M Gas Cooktop Review

The Cosmo VA-S950M is a marvel of design and functionality. Manufactured from stainless steel and designed to lay flat completely on any counter top. This Cosmo cooktop is a gorgeous enhancement to any kitchen. The stainless steel finish of the cooktop pairs nicely with an array of counter top styles. The durable metal knobs gives type of precise control demanded by serious cooks. Precision is key when you’re dealing with five… yes five high powered burners.  Each burner has its own nuanced specialty. The triple ring burner is the jack of trades, capable of rapid heating as well as slow simmering. The rapid burner is prime for high heat cooking. If you’re looking to cook at medium high then your best bet is the twin semi-rapid burners. For simmering and reheating the auxiliary burner is the best option. Designed to highest of standards to provide its consumers with a unique cooking experience. The VA-S950M gas cooktop is bold, sleek, and simply impressive. Get your’s today.


Cosmo Appliances COS-965AG Gas Range Review

Take your kitchen to the next level with the Cosmo COS-965AG gas range. This gas range boasts an impressive Italian-made five burner set starring an 18,000 BTU central tri-ring burner capable of rapidly boiling or gently reducing a sauce. Providing uniform heat distribution for evenly cooked food, the power and versatility of the central tri-ring burner will quickly become an invaluable asset in your kitchen. Stainless steel finish and cast-iron grates make sure that clean-up will always be quick job. If you’re impressed with the stove-top, you’ll love the oven. Equipped with 3.8 cu. ft of cooking space, cooking multiple dishes at once is a piece of cake and maybe a cobbler too!  Feeling fancy? Get the rotating roasting rod and cook up some rotisserie chicken. The oven even has double interior lights so you can monitor your rotisserie chicken without opening the oven and releasing all the heat. The kids are going to love the 15000 BTU broiler, its prefect for grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. Add to that a bottom storage cabinet and stylish metal knobs that won’t chip or crack. This Cosmo gas range has all you ever wanted and more!   Save Save


How to clean you your range hood filter

How to clean you your range hood filter Your range hood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. Range hoods maintain an atmosphere of clean breathable air inside your home. When you cook, all sorts of substances  become airborne such as: Combustion byproducts Smoke Grease Fumes Steam You don’t want anybody inhaling airborne toxic particles. Range hoods remove these substances as well as odors and heat from the air. For that reason, it’s imperative your keep your range hood performing at its highest capacity at all times. You can ensure this by making sure you clean your range hood filter at least one a month. So how do you clean it? Well it depends on what type of filter you have. There are three basic types of range hood filters: baffle, aluminum and charcoal/carbon. Its not recommended to clean charcoal/carbon filters. Instead, replace those type of filters every six months to a year depending on how often you cook. So we’ll focus on the aluminum and baffle filters. Before you get started, you are going to want to remove your filters from your range hood. For some range hoods, filter removal is as simple as unscrewing a few screws, but for other range hoods it may be more complex. Be sure to consult your product manual. [row ] [col span=”1/2″ ] [/col] [col span=”1/2″ ] [/col] [/row] Aluminum Filters Between baffle and aluminum, aluminum filters are the hardest to clean. This is because of their mesh construction that clings to grease like nobody’s business. Baffle filters on the other hand are smooth stainless steel. Unfortunately, aluminum filters are far more common than baffle filters. Nonetheless, here’s the most efficient way we’ve found to clean aluminum filters courtesy of the Manly Housekeeper. Method #1 Things you need: 1/2 cup Baking Soda A Large Pot (big enough for your aluminum filters to fit in) Water Fill the large pot with enough water to completely submerge the aluminum filters. Bring the water to a boil. Add the baking soda to the boiling water slowly to avoid the liquid foaming up excessively. Place the filters inside the boiling water for five minutes. Empty the water (not down your sink though because that could contribute a clog in the future). Let your filters dry and replace them. Don’t have pot large enough to fit your filters? Have no fear! Here’s a method just for you. Warning: Method #2 requires much more elbow grease then method #1.   Method #2 *Things you need: A sink or some sort of basin that holds water and can fit at least half of you range filter. Liquid Dish soap (Dawn Ultra, Ajax Degreaser, Palmolive Oxy Power Degreaser) Non-abrasive brush Water Spray or pour water on your filter (If you have a pull-down or pull-out faucet that’s perfect  for this). Starting with the top. pour dish-washing liquid all over your filter. Start scrubbing with your non-abrasive brush (if you’re feeling masochistic use a toothbrush). As you are scrubbing, you should notice a lather building up. If not, then you need more water or more soap. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the other side. Let the filter sit for about an hour. Rinse of with hot water and repeat if necessary.   Baffle Filters If you have a baffle filter, you’re in luck because most are dishwasher-safe. If you don’t own a dishwasher, a little bit of liquid dish-soap and a bit of gentle scrubbing should be more than adequate. *Note: Some use oven cleaner for cleaning aluminum filters, oven cleaners does corrode aluminum.   *Source.  Save

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